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Our products derived from apples

The Farm La Saporita also produces excellent products derived from apples, including apple juice, apple cider, apple vinegar and balsamic vinegar of apple.


Apple juice “La Saporita” is obtained exclusively by gentle pressing of the apples of our farm Collazzone, cultivated in integrated pest management.

For its preparation are used only hand-picked apples from the tree. The secret of our juice is the mixture of different varieties of apples and their right composition.

The final product is a pure juice of 100% apples, pasteurized and bottled hot without any addition of water, sugar, dyes, or preservatives.


Our apple cider “La Saporita” is a pleasant apple sparkling wine on the palate, sweet, naturally sparkling, low alcohol content, fruity flavor, reminiscent of the fruit from which it is derived.

It is excellent as an aperitif and accompanied to desserts. It serves cold.

Serving temperature: 6-8 degrees
Alcohol content: 7% Vol


The base of the vinegar apple “La Saporita” is the apple juice that is fermented, turning into alcohol. This is followed by acidification, transforming the alcohol, no additives, in acetic acid.

It is a healthy and genuine product, thanks to the craftsmanship that allows to maintain the features and beneficial properties of apples.

It has low acidity (5%) and is therefore more soft, light and flavorful than other vinegars.


Balsamic vinegar apple “La Saporita” is obtained from the combination of apple aroma vinegar aged in oak barrels with caramelized taste of baked apple juice concentrate.

It is a prestigious sweet seasoning sour taste delicately aromatic that gives a refined touch to any dish.

Ideal for dressing salads, raw and cooked vegetables, meat and fish roasted or grilled, and fried eggs.