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If you want taste the typical Umbrian products and test the company’s production come and visit us in our shop.
Here you will have the opportunity to personally appreciate the high quality of the fruits of our land.
Our staff will follow you throughout the shopping experience, welcoming you with warmth and professionalism, by explaining in detail the origin of each product.
In the store there will be all kinds of apples grown in our land: the tasty Braeburn, Fuji the sweet, juicy Golden Delicious, Granny Smith with his unique sweet and sour flavor, the Royal Gala with its protective properties of the cardiovascular system, the Stark Delicious ruby Red color and Stayman ready to be eaten.
Apple processing enables us to offer a high quality range of derivative products, including: the prestigious Balsamic Vinegar apple “Melagro”, the excellent vinegar signed The Tasty and finally the sparkling and refreshing cider apples.
Not only apples in the store, in fact, you will also have the opportunity to taste the “Pacus” wine, which is made entirely from grapes produced in our land.
To complete the range of products, La Saporita sells a number of highly certified local production and controlled the Umbrian typicality, as fagiolina Trasimeno or wildflower honey.


Morning: 9.00 alle 12.30

Afternoon: 15.00 alle 19.00.

From Monday to Saturday – Closed Sunday

For more information contact us by phone or fill out the form in the contact section.

Voc. Collazzone 20 06060 Paciano (PG)
075 830312
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