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Our production

The orchard lies on clay ridge, which gives the apple particular texture and a unique flavor that shapes the registered trademark “La Saporita”.

In this sunny and fertile place, ripen 8 of the most valuable apple varieties that are produced with great professionalism by the Pernstich and Maffei families, using the integrated farming method, which respects both nature and the consumer.

Here is the complete list of the apples grown by our company:


Golden’s color ranges from yellow-green to golden yellow. These apples are medium-large in size and elongated in shape. They are characterized by a slightly fragrant, cream colored, firm, crispy and juicy pulp; it tastes sweet and at the same time slightly acidulous and spicy. The Golden apples contain vitaminic principles that prevent skin from aging. Suitable to be consumed raw, perhaps in a fruit salad; yet it is also ideal for cakes, pies, cocktails and compotes.


Fuji is an apple variety created in Japan in the thirties. This variety of apple has a round shape and a pinkish-red colored skin. Fuji is an incredibly firm and compact apple which stands out for its crispness. The juicy pulp gives the apple an excellent and very sweet taste.
This apple is rich in fructose and thanks to its sweetness is particularly ideal for the preparation of cakes and desserts.


Stark Delicious is characterized by an intense red color, it has an elongated shape and is medium-large size. It is a sweet and deliciously aromatic apple, slightly scented and rich in carotene and vitamin A. This variety has a crispy, juicy flesh and an unmistakable aroma. The Stark Delicious is ideal to be eaten raw, but it is also suitable for the preparation of fruit salads, desserts, strudels and cakes. It is among the most common apples, also thanks to its preservability.


Royal Gala is a variety obtained by crossing Golden Delicious and Kidd’s Orange. It is an autumn apple, small in size and a non-uniform red skin with vertical streaks tending to green or yellow. Its flesh is slightly grainy but smooth, with a thinner skin than other varieties of apples, they have a sweet taste with a rather aromatic scent. They are perfect for cooking.
The Royal Gala apples are rich in carotene and vitamin A and have a protective effect on the cardiovascular system.


For its intense and brilliant green color, it has become known as “the green apple.” The Granny Smith is characterized by a juicy and rather sour taste and a particularly compact and firm pulp. It is rich in magnesium and highly energetic, with a very refreshing bittersweet and aromatic taste.
It is ideal if consumed raw, but it is also excellent for fruit salads, desserts, cocktails and sorbets. As it is rich in magnesium is perfect for those who practice sports, because it gives a lot of energy, and reinvigorates memory.


The Stayman – Winesap is an ancient American variety of roundish shape and medium size, the bottom of the skin is mostly bright green with alternating streaks of yellow or intense red.
The Stayman – Winesap is characterized by a clear, juicy, fragrant and crisp flesh with a sweet-asper aromatic taste. The juiciness and taste make it a perfect variety for fruit salads, strudels, cakes and cider, but it’s also great to eat it raw.


Rosina is an apple elongated, medium-large, cylindrical, has a smooth skin, shiny streaked dark red color to yellow-green background. Very firm, aromatic flavor with the right balance of sweet and sour, is a very tasty apple with a high content of vitamin C. This variety is suitable for several uses, it can be eaten raw, baked or cooked.
The high content of vitamin C causes the pulp does not blacken immediately cut once.